Kairos is the ancient Greek word traducing the notion of the “instant”, the discrete time when an opportunity occurs and one can either act to seize it or fail to do so. It is intended here to convey a perspective of life, change, and pragmatism drawing both from philosophy and from science. We understand that science serves to guide action, and work to expose both why it does and how it can do so.

We are a grassroots collective of researchers and students of cultural evolution - that is, the science of what processes drive human cultural change and stability. Our purpose is to leverage this discipline into pragmatic insight for managing the upcoming transformations of human societies. We are interested both in discussing scientific results on this matter, and on epistemological reflexion about what they mean.

We want to organise a science that is open, agile, lucid, oriented toward informing the governance of human societies. That is why, while most of us work within academia, we chose to organise outside its institutions. Instead of maximising impact factors and participating to the administration of State-backed structures, we strive here to synthetise knowledge in a detailed and accessible way, and to expose their relevance to the organisation of societies.

Want to meet us, share ideas, or ask what we’re up to ? Mail us at kairoscliodynamics@disroot.org !

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