Ergodic Design

Like any living system, the continued existence of human societies relies on their ability to build and enact adaptive understanding on how to navigate fluctuating ecological context.This happens through a process of cultural evolution by which humans collectives create and enact appropriate ways to navigate their world. Social structure and communication media crucially constrains its effective occurence, and therefore our ability to create a cultural niche embodying information about our world.

Today, the increasingly manifest feedback of human activities on their ecology suggests the imminence of an era of drastic environmental complexity. As pressure from social polarisation and climate change build up, the socio-political and ecological reality derives away from the relatively stable niche that has forged modern institutions. The possibility of systemic failure becomes more manifest every day, compelling us to rebuild our ability for collective action.

Ergodic Design studies how living systems create stable niches from complex environments, and seeks to derives practical ways for humans to navigate chaos. We build tools to help visualise, understand and communicate on complex systemic dependancies, allowing collectives to find appropriate ways to engage with the world. Our work integrates approaches from the Active Inference Framework to applied collective intelligence, bridging fundamental research to direct action.

This article was updated on June 5, 2021