Kairos Journal

Academic publications are the basic tool for the development of scientific knowledge, due to their accent on technical precision and explicit situation within well-defined fields of study. However, this technicality itself empedes the transdisciplinary integration of our understanding of complex issues and the development of reflective insight concerning the meaning of any tool or result. This drives the deconnection of research from socially relevant questions, and bring us to passively follow socio-historical trajectories with no tool to evaluate the long term consequences of our decisions.

Kairos participates in the construction of pragmatic insight about socio-historical dynamics by hosting a journal of scientific synthesis. Its mandate, complementary to this of academic journals, is to integrate knowledge about complex systems, socio-historical dynamics, and epistemology into understanding of the evolution of human societies. Although its thematics are wide by construction, the Kairos journal aims to build focus and reflectiveness through minimalism by design: it does not provide any information that is not necessary to leverage scientific research into a pragmatic understanding.

The Kairos journal is run in a purely voluntary manner, and does not practice formal peer review. Rather than constituting an authoritative source, it seeks to create a dynamic of reflexive understanding beyond its formal output. Authors are encouraged to work with editors so as to identify what are the pragmatically relevant axis of their research, and readers are encouraged to leverage their insight into action or into more research. We aim to hereby catalyse the cultural evolution of new, hopefully better, ways to do research and integrate it into social life.

This article was updated on June 5, 2021